Caerphilly Draft Proposals


It has come to the Commission’s attention that there is some confusion over the review it is conducting in Caerphilly and the effect of our proposals.

The Commission has proposed that the Cefn Fforest East town ward of the Town of Blackwood is represented in an electoral ward with the Community of Cefn Fforest for county council representation only. There will be absolutely no change to the underlying community arrangements. The Cefn Fforest East town ward of Blackwood will remain in the Town of Blackwood and remain an important part of it.

There will be no transfer of lands, services, amenities or council tax precepts as a result of the Commission’s proposals. The Commission is only proposing areas where a county councillor represents.

The Commission hope this has clarified the position and that any information the Town Council provides to its community reflects this.