Electoral Reviews: Council Size Policy


The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales is required to carry out periodic reviews of the electoral arrangements of principal areas in Wales. The way the Commission conducts an electoral review is defined by legislation, our Electoral Reviews: Policy and Practice document and by Directions issued by the Welsh Government.

The Commission has worked with the Local Government Data Unit ~ Wales to consider a methodology used for determining council size and the preferred methodology was published as a consultation paper on 27 March 2013. We received responses from over half of the principal councils, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), two political parties and individuals. The general response was in favour of the methodology and that it was appropriate to ensure the provision of effective and convenient local government for councils.

In considering a methodology for determining the size of councils the Commission has adopted the principle that the modelling of councillor numbers should be objective, transparent and underpinned by a robust methodology.

The methodology in our policy uses information relating to the population distribution within councils enabling a conclusion to be drawn on the relative urban and / or rural nature of their areas, in demographic terms. Using the data to then categorise the councils enables a transparent and robust approach which will provide a sustainable method for future allocation. It ensures that councils with similar characteristics are being treated in the same way.

This document is available in Welsh.

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