Important information for Local Election candidates

Boundary Reviews

Local Elections are taking place in Wales on 5 May 2022.

If you're a prospective candidate or agent, or have an interest in the elections, you can find valuable information below.

The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales has recently completed its 10-year Electoral Review Programme. As a result, many of the Electoral Wards in Wales are changing at this election. 

You can find the Welsh Government's decisions on the Commission's Electoral Reviews here.

You can find our Final Recommendations Reports for all of Wales's Principal Councils here. Please note that in some cases, the Welsh Government made slight modifications to the recommendations.

The Commission is responsible for Electoral Reviews, and has no other role in Local Elections. If you have questions regarding Electoral Wards, for example which streets are or are not included in a Ward, or if you'd like help finding maps of Wards, please contact the Commission at

For more information on the Local Elections, please visit the websites below:

Electoral Commission

BBC News

Or visit your Local Authority website.