Cardiff Final Recommendations

Electoral Reviews

The Commission has published its Final Recommendations for the future electoral arrangements for the City and County of Cardiff and submitted them to Welsh Government Ministers on 05 November 2020.

It is now for Welsh Government and its Ministers to decide how to proceed. Ordinarily they will make an Order.

The Final Recommendations Report contains all of the Commission’s recommendations for the City and County of Cardiff. Where it has made changes to the existing arrangements a description of the change, the representations it has received, the reasons for any change and a map of the proposals are contained in the report.

The Commission would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to make representations as well as the City and County Council for their assistance in the conduct of the review.

Due to the current fire-break lockdown the Commissions offices are closed. Hard copies of the report will be sent out at the earliest opportunity.

The reports, maps and other supporting information for the review can be found below.

If you have any views on the Final Recommendations, these should be addressed to Welsh Government at the details below: 


Local Government Democracy Team

Democracy, Diversity and Remuneration Division

Welsh Government

Cathays Park


CF10 3NQ