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Orders made by the Commission

Orders made by the Commission

Commission Community Orders.

The Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Act 2013 introduced Order making powers to the Commission for the first time.  Up to this point all order making on reviews conducted by the Commission, or submitted to the Commission from a Principal Council, had implementation Orders made by the National Assembly.

Section 25(1) of the 2013 Act allows a principal council to conduct a review of one or more communities in its area-either by its own initiative or at the request of a community council in its area, or a community meeting in its area.

The changes that a principal council may recommend in relation to a review under this section are:

     (a) Such community boundary changes as it consider appropriate, and

    (b) In consequences of any community boundary changes, such community council changes and associated changes to the electoral arrangements of-

     (i) the community or communities under review

     (ii) the principal area,

as it considers appropriate.

In conducting such a review, principal councils should be mindful of the procedures noted in the legislation and should consult widely on their proposals.

After the Council has approved the recommendations within its report, the Commission will receive a report from the Council containing their recommended changes to community boundaries and electoral arrangements (as appropriate).  Official submission of the report to the Commission and the publication of the report by the Principal Council (subject to section 35 (3)) will trigger a six week period where the Commission may not make an Order.  This six week period is normally used by implementing bodies to receive further representations, either in favour or opposition to the recommendations submitted to it. 

Following the period of six weeks, the Commission, subject to agreement, may apply its findings and makes the necessary Implementation Order (subject to section 38).

Below you will find the Orders made by the Commission.


The Carmarthenshire (Llanelli Rural and Llangennech Communities) Order 2016.

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